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Click the image below to access my listings in northern Virginia.

Toni Flory Listings

Image Credit: United Country


  1. Amy Lemley says:

    Nice talking today! I will call you soon to set up our 2/14 afternoon appointment at Molly’s in Warrenton.

    In reviewing your website, when I went to Listings, I clicked every link under Blogroll and got only WordPress how-to documents. I suggest making that entire piece invisible to visitors. No one will mind that you have a site without those elements, but people may be puzzled by the dummy pages’ presence here.

    I went ahead and sent this through the Comment function so you could fix it right away.

    • admin says:

      Amy, thank you. My name is Brandon Barker — I handle Toni’s blog and social accounts. Thank you for pointing out the Blogroll widget! A few funny things happened on the site after the last WordPress upgrade, and this was probably one of them.


  2. Got your name from Brian Bickley of Family Farm Ins. Looked for your listings but your site does not show any. All I see are two comments with one referencing this problem. Do you work in Spotsylvania?


    • admin says:

      Hi Ed, as it says above, please click the image to connect to Toni’s listings on United Country. Since several people have had a problem with this, I will link the “My Listings” tab directly to Toni’s listings on her home site to make it easier. I’ll also forward your message to her. Thank you!

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